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CSA Newsletter week 16

Posted 10/1/2012 6:58am by Joshua Reinitz.

Hi Folks -

CSA newsletter week 16

it's another good week for veggies, and we have some new and interesting crops like Turnips and Green Tomatoes.  Please look to our website for some recipes, and you can always do an online search for recipes - green tomatoes are suprisingly sweet and we like to fry them.

I wrote about this in the newsletter, but wanted to make sure you know to cut out any green skins on the potatoes.  we have so many nice potatoes that have one little green spot (dime-sized) that we'd rather give them out than compost them.  We woulnd't normally see this, but the drought has left our soil cracked in many places and sunlight was able to reach little bits of some potatoes and make that spot green.  You may have heard about green spots of potatoes being toxic, but the solenine is found in the green spot only and you would have to eat A LOT of them to feel sick.  So, cut out the green and enjoy!  We've been making lots of tasty mashed potatoes for the kids from the seconds.

thank you,


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