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CSA Newsletter week 8

Posted 8/6/2012 8:34am by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the CSA newsletter for the week:


2012 week 8


Please read the newsletters every week - we give a report on where crops are at so you know what to expect, and we will post any events we have in the newsletter as well.


A tip on Eggplants and Peppers - the ideal temperature for these crops to be strored is 50-55 degrees, warmer than a refridgerator.  You can put them in the warmest spot in your fridge, or maybe you're lucky to have a cold spot in your house!  these crops are damaged if kept too cold. 


Also, we'll have some tomaotes trickling in this week and they'll really start ripening in the next two weeks.  When you get tomatoes, they should be stored stem-down on a countertop at or below room temperature.  We ship them slightly under-ripe so it might take a day or two to ripen fully on your countertop.  We do this to preserve quality and prevent damage.  Tomatoes should not be refridgerated.




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