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deer fencing

Posted 1/25/2012 9:52am by Sally Reinitz.

We are excited to have a DNR person come out to the farm next week and asses our deer problem. If it works out, we can get a cost share from the DNR to help pay for deer fencing. 

We realized that we really need to have fence to keep deer out. They wreck too many crops. Since they are browsers, they only take a little bite out of EVERYTHING so it is not able to be sold or added to CSA boxes. They are such stinkers! (and other angry words!)

The fencing is not what most people think it is (a large 10 foot high fence). It is actually a 3 strand wire fence, two wires in one line and a third wire on a second line behind it. Deer have "landing anxiety" and do not like to jump where they can't tell they will land. This wire fencing makes it difficult for them to jump. Plus, you bait the electrified wires so they know not to come close. 

wish us luck!


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