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May 13 Farm News

Posted 5/13/2013 8:45am by Joshua Reinitz.

Hi Everyone!!  

First of all, we want to thank you for choosing us for your CSA share this year.  We are happy to announce we are sold out for 2013.  We ended up with 24 full shares and 48 half shares.  We have met our goal this year of having a majority of members picking up on the farm, and we are so excited to meet all of you!  We are also growing food this year for two food coops, a couple of restaurants, the Emergency Foodshelf Network, the Henderson Farmers Market, and Twin Cities Local Food.  We were FINALLY able to take the tractor out yesterday and work some ground and are officially into planting seson!


We're excited today because we get to put our first vegetables in the ground.  It's quite late as we usually begin planting in late April.  Now we'll be planting Radishes and Peas at the same time as Tomatoes?!  At this point it's not too late to plant anything, so I'm not worried about crops not working out.  In fact, the late planting is advantageous in some ways, as we won't have to worry about a late frost taking out early planted crops, and the weeds won't be as bad in our small-seeded crops like carrots and spinach.


We will definitlely have to start the CSA boxes later than expected this year.  We were hoping to begin the CSA the second week of June, but we won't have much ready then besides a few small radishes and baby lettuce.  At this point it looks like we'll have to start the last week of June.  For those with early season shares, we'll start your share the first week of June (we have our high tunnel planted already for you)  The season will still run for 18 weeks, we just have to start later.  Please watch your e-mail as June approaches for an exact start date and pickup details. 


We need help!!  Because we're beginning to plant a full three weeks later than normal, we have A LOT to  do to get cauht up.  I know some of you have expressed interest in Work Shares (working off a portion of your share cost) and we could really use your help the next two weeks.  A full work share is an 80 hour commitment, and a half share is about 40 hours.  You would work about 4 hours a week starting now and throughout the growing season.  Or, if you don't want to do a work share but want to come out once or twice to get your hands dirty and help grow your own food, we would love to have you for a few hours.  It's truly a great way to get involved in your local food system!

This week and next we'll be working 9-12 am, and 1-5 pm.  If you can make it, please call me at (612) 756-3971 or e-mail josh@easthendersonfarm.com.  If you want to work all day, we'll feed you lunch.  Anyone who comes out is welcome to take home some eggs, radishes, Asparagus, herbs, or salad mix for your time.  

Please follow us on Facebook if you haven't already, we post a lot of photos as we're doing farm work.  


Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see some of you soon out here for planting!


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