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New Year, New Projects, New Inspiration, New Beginnings

Posted 1/10/2016 6:07pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Hi!  It has been so long since I've written a blog entry here.  This is a sorely overdue farm update / blog entry that I've been meaning to write for months.  As new year's eve approaches and passes, I am like most of you; pondering life's direction and how to emerge from the winter with a fresh outlook.  

I admit that I feel very guilty sometimes for not being a better communicator with our awesome farm customers, CSA members, neighbors, friends, and family.  I see other farmers who are able to use social media daily, write newsletters and recipes every week for CSA shares (I used to be so good at it), and I often feel like I'm not doing my job.  Honestly, though, my main focus in life right now is my family.  I have three boys ages 10, 7, and 3 and it is the most busy I've ever been.  I did the college thing while working two jobs, I have started two businesses (carpentry and farming), and yet those now feel like easy times compared to the never-ending flow of dishes, laundry, chores, discipline, laughter, cooking, joy, frustration, diapers, diapers, diapers...

You get the point.  As we are now pulling out of the terrible twos, the intensity is letting up a little bit in our family dynamic, I am ready for the new year.  I made a resolution last fall to swear off Facebook for a while, ignore politics and world news, and simply live with my boys.  Sally has been working the evening shift at the Henderson Roadhaus all fall and winter and for the first time I have been the primary caregiver and homemaker.  It has been very refreshing and frustrating, and has taught me a lot about myself and my kids.  Another resolution of mine was to start a blog and get back in the habit of regular communications regarding East Henderson Farm.

So this is it!!  I want this blog to be a vehicle for farm news updates, CSA newsletters, and my thoughts on our food system.  You might see an entry about a project, my thoughts on GMO farming, new recipes we are trying, and so on.  

I did want to give a brief update on some farm projects, and plans for our 2016 veggie farming season.  I have been working on two farm construction projects this fall and winter - restoration of an 1860's granary (and a lean-to addition), and our salvaged 6000-square foot greenhouse that will be operational by early March for our seed starting.  

We raised 8 pigs in 2015, and recently sent 6 of them to the butcher.  We kept two females that we will breed for an early summer litter of piglets.  They are snug and warm in deep straw bedding in a small barn, and they get plenty of attention from us during daily chore time.  We love pigs!  The chickens and ducks are doing great too, although egg production has dropped off in the cold.  We are collecting just enough eggs to feed our family right now, and we have some mighty fine breakfasts when we mix those eggs with sausage or bacon from our pigs (and pancakes topped with our maple syrup!)

This time of year when we have been lulled into a more relaxed state because of the winter, but there is growing anxiety about CSA member signup, seed ordering, and getting that greenhouse ready!  So please bear with us as we get our membership signup details out.  We are going to have to make some changes this year to better accommodate our family life.  We have thought long and hard about what kind of CSA we want to be, and right now our family lifestyle has to rule our decision making process.  To be brief, we are actually adding capacity for more members this year, but altering our distribution.  We will fill you in more in a week or two, and offer sign-up with a discount for returning members.  We hope you understand any changes we have to make, and continue to grow with us!  

I'll leave this first blog entry with a final thought.  Food is everything.  Agriculture is the foundation for every economy.  Local food that bypasses the distribution chain and processors is the best food.  You are what you eat, and healthcare begins with your diet.  I could get angry about our food system, unfair politics and subsidies, fast food, junk food, but I'd rather do the only thing I know I can do to affect positive change.   Grow good food for my community.  We are community and I thank you!

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