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Winter work on the farm

Posted 12/30/2012 10:28am by Joshua Reinitz.

We have been nearly as busy this winter as we were during the summer growing season, most of all because of this little guy:



Meet Samuel Howard Reinitz, our little guy born on December 5th.  We now have three boys which makes for a very exciting and wild house sometimes.


Sally has been staying home with baby Sam, while Josh has been working for a contractor full-time, working mostly on farms building new buildings and repairing old ones.   But he has found time to start a project at home, enclosing our front porch so we have a heated space to put our boots, coats, shoes, and firewood.  A "mud room" is a necessary addition to our house.  Here's Josh with one of the walls:


  We heat our house with wood, so a big job now is gathering firewood and splitting it for our woodstove.  We are fortunate to have 25 acres of wooded ravines, which provide a supply of firewood much greater than we can use in a given year.  We only cut trees that are dead or dying of disease, or those that have fallen down in windstorms.  It is a very sustainalbe way for us to use a resource on our farm. 


 But most of all, we are enjoying a very beautiful time of year.   Yes it's cold, but that doesn't stop us from getting outside as often as we can.  We love nature and the outdoors all months of the year, and on most days all we need is proper clothing and it is comfortable to be out and about.  We'll leave you with a few scenic shots of the farm as we close out 2012

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