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Posted 10/7/2012 9:47pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the newsletter for this week:

CSA Newsletter week 17


Remember that week 18 will be our last for the season, so please return your boxes to the drop sites next week when you pick up. If you have an every other week share, this may be your last week and we thank you!  If you want to confirm when your last pickup is, please contact me



Posted 10/1/2012 6:58am by Joshua Reinitz.

Hi Folks -

CSA newsletter week 16

it's another good week for veggies, and we have some new and interesting crops like Turnips and Green Tomatoes.  Please look to our website for some recipes, and you can always do an online search for recipes - green tomatoes are suprisingly sweet and we like to fry them.

I wrote about this in the newsletter, but wanted to make sure you know to cut out any green skins on the potatoes.  we have so many nice potatoes that have one little green spot (dime-sized) that we'd rather give them out than compost them.  We woulnd't normally see this, but the drought has left our soil cracked in many places and sunlight was able to reach little bits of some potatoes and make that spot green.  You may have heard about green spots of potatoes being toxic, but the solenine is found in the green spot only and you would have to eat A LOT of them to feel sick.  So, cut out the green and enjoy!  We've been making lots of tasty mashed potatoes for the kids from the seconds.

thank you,


Posted 9/23/2012 8:39pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Hi  -  we've had a busy weekend dealing with our first hard frost of the year, but at least my seasonal allergies are no more!  Fall sure has crept up on us this year, and the fall colors probably won't be as spectacular this year due to the dismally dry conditions in the soil.  Thank goodness for our irrigation system!


here's the newsletter for this week:


CSA week 15


thank you!


Posted 9/16/2012 10:33pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's this week's newsletter -


CSA week 14


If you have an egg share, we have a shortge of eggs right now so you may only get a half dozen eggs this week.  We're hoping the cooler weather helps the hens lay, but the hot weather sure has been tough on them.  we would like to make up the missing eggs - perhaps we could give out chickens or some extra produce?  please contact us  for this. 


Have a nice week!

Posted 9/10/2012 5:54am by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the newsletter for this week! 


2012 CSA newsletter week 13


The boxes will be very heavy again this week, so please be careful with the boxes and hold them from the bottom.  If you pick up at the corporate drop site, bring some extra bags to carry everything. 


Thank you!



Posted 9/2/2012 9:19pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the link to the week 12 newsletter -


2012 CSA Week 12



We have a number of crops that CSA members can get extras of - and we offer them as U-pick.  Right now we have Tomatoes, Green Beans and Cucumbers.  If you want to come out and pick your own for freezing or canning, please contact us, or come out Monday or Friday afternoons.  bring a bucket or basket, and we'll show you where they are!




Posted 8/26/2012 9:57pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the newsletter for this week!


CSA Newsletter Week 11


thank you


Posted 8/19/2012 7:47pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the link to this week's newsletter:


2012 week 10 CSA newsletter


thank you!!


Posted 8/12/2012 8:26pm by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's this week's newsletter:


CSA newsletter week 9


Today's rain was really nice for crops and seedlings, so we are quite thankful!




Posted 8/6/2012 8:34am by Joshua Reinitz.

Here's the CSA newsletter for the week:


2012 week 8


Please read the newsletters every week - we give a report on where crops are at so you know what to expect, and we will post any events we have in the newsletter as well.


A tip on Eggplants and Peppers - the ideal temperature for these crops to be strored is 50-55 degrees, warmer than a refridgerator.  You can put them in the warmest spot in your fridge, or maybe you're lucky to have a cold spot in your house!  these crops are damaged if kept too cold. 


Also, we'll have some tomaotes trickling in this week and they'll really start ripening in the next two weeks.  When you get tomatoes, they should be stored stem-down on a countertop at or below room temperature.  We ship them slightly under-ripe so it might take a day or two to ripen fully on your countertop.  We do this to preserve quality and prevent damage.  Tomatoes should not be refridgerated.




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