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About our Farm


We are a located on the bluffs of the Minnesota River near scenic Henderson, MN, near an abandoned village site named East Henderson.  Our farm site and fields are nestled among mature trees, deep ravines, and crop fields that are typical of a southern Minnesota river valley farm.  

We grow Certified Organic produce for a CSA membership and wholesale to the St. Peter Food Co-op and local restaurants.  When available we have maple syrup, wild edibles,chickens for meat and eggs, grass fed & humanely treated beef and pork.  We just celebrated 10 years of farm operation, and 2019 will be our 11th CSA season!

We love to explore new farm enterprises and are currently working to create beautiful gathering spaces on our farm in an effort to build community, invite folks to experience the natural world, and educate.  Farm events and classes will be a part of our 10-20 year business development.

Our farm has been in Josh's family for 4 generations, and we are now raising the 5th generation. We have a passion for sustainability, community development, building restoration, and local history. Almost all of our farm buildings have been moved in or re-built from salvaged lumber.  Our farm is 40 acres, including 20 acres of wooded ravines where our maple syrup tapping occurs, 10 acres of pasture for rotating our animals, and 6 acres of fields for growing our veggies. Our home, pack shed and out buildings take up the rest of the acreage. 



Organic Certification

  We have a deep appreciation for the natural world and ecology and this is why we have chosen to pursue organic certification, a system that produces food in harmony with nature. The soil is alive, and it is our responsibility to maintain that life, ultimately helping us grow nutritious and healthy crops.

We were certified organic in 2012 by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Agency) and continue to follow the path of organic and all natural and we are apply for recertification every year. We are certified for the 2018 growing season. 

You will be assured that all of your produce is free of any chemical pesticides, herbicides, and residues, and our fields are managed with a deep understanding of ecology and the natural world.  We have a detailed crop plan that helps us rotate crops and use green manures and mulches to maintain soil health and fertility!



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