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Farm Jam 2019

Farm Jam 2019 information


Welcome to the official information page for Farm Jam 2019.  We hope to offer some guidelines here and answer any questions about the event.


What:  Farm Jam 2019 is a one day Farm festival on a diversified organic farm in Henderson, MN.  The intent is to co-create a beautiful experience that includes live music, food, art, dancing, nature appreciation, camping, teaching, and community. 

Where:  East Henderson Farm is located on the bluffs of the MN River just east of Henderson, MN at 29931 290th St, Henderson MN 56044.  We have 40 acres of mixed meadow and wooded ravines, and we are a working CSA farm with greenhouses, building, vegetable fields, and more.  We will be working to decorate the farm with a festival feel, with some really neat spaces to hang out and be inspired.

When:  August 10, 2019.  Event begins at 2pm and will go late into the night with music, a bonfire, and camping.  There will be acoustic music from 2-6pm, a community potluck from 6-7, and live bands from 7-11.  After 11, we welcome acoustic jams around the fire or campsites.

Admission: we are accepting free-will donations for this event. please consider donating as we will have some expenses like outhouse rental, food, sound and lights, facilities, and labor.  Musicians also love tips!  Any proceeds beyond our expenses will be donated to a farm-based charitable organization (we have a few favorites)

Music:  We are keeping this loose for now (contact us if you want to play!) and will offer open stage times.  We are hosting the Shadowhawks from Texas, a collective of musicians and bands on a caravan through MN and wisconsin right now.  The Planetmasters will perform a full band show in the evening.  We have other many local musicians from our area who plan on playing and joining in the fun.  Please bring an instrument or drum with - we encourage music making in any form, whether you want to take the stage for a bit, jam with one of the other musicians, or write a song in the woods!

Camping:  We are not an official campground, but will have a lot of unique spots on the farm to pitch a tent for the night.  Camping is rustic and at your own risk.  Our farm is very remote and private with a lot of peace and quiet, so if you need a bit of solitude we welcome you!  We have one official campfire location, any other fires require verbal permission from us.  it has been very dry here lately, we don't want to start a wildfire. 

Facilities:  We will have a couple of port-a-potties on hand.  We will have drinking water available from our well.  We have a large outdoor shed where we will have the food and beverages set up.  We have a farmhouse with a private bathroom, first aid kit, kitchen, and living room on the main floor, but we prefer to have use of the farmhouse limited to necessities and food prep.  There will be a stage set up, with seating on straw bales. 

Parking: Parking is limited on our farm, but we will have large mowed areas near our farm entrance to accommodate you.  Our driveway is long and parking on the east side in the ditch is also available.  If it's full, park on the side of the county road and walk in.  If you are camping, please find me (farmer Josh) and we can get your vehicle close for unloading.

Activities:  Since this is our first farm jam, we don't have much yet for activities and games, so please bring any outdoor games or activities you have!  We will offer farm tours, guided nature walks, garden tours.  bring a badminton set, bag toss, or whatever you want to contribute for a safe, kid friendly time!  We are a 1/2 mile walk to the MN River and the Ney Nature Center if you want to go on a longer hike or bike ride.  The activity we want to see most is fun community building and relaxing!

Art making and Sales:  We will have a mosaic workshop in the afternoon for the Henderson Community Mosaic project.  if you want to sell art, bring a tent and your wares and set up for sale!!  If you are an artist who wants to find inspirational spots for photography, songwriting, poetry, painting, and more, we have so many beautiful spots on our farm that is sure to inspire.  If you have an art that you want to demonstrate live, please bring it out!  make some pottery, set up an easel, teach dancing, we are open.  We want to CO-CREATE this day of fun and fellowship

Clothing and Canned Goods Swap:  we will have a space set up for a clothing swap and canned goods swap (farm jam - get it?)  Bring a bag of clothes that need a new home! Bring a jar of jam, take a jar of jam. 

Food:  There will be a food station set up with snacks and potluck.  Please bring something to share (side dishes, treats, chips, fruit, whatever you want).  The food is available all day, but we want to pause the music and activities and all come together around a community meal at 6.  We will provide a good amount of farm-based goodies, and a main dish (probably pulled pork sandwiches).  We hope to be close to zero-waste, so please bring a set of dishes, water bottles, utensils to use through the day. Bonus points for organic and locally sourced food!

Beverages:  We will have water and lemonade available.  Please BYOB for alcoholic beverages, we don't have a liquor license or anything.  We encourage lots of fun, but please be responsible as this is a family friendly event and we are a working family farm. 

What to Bring:  Lawn chair, utensils and plates, a water bottle, games or activities, camping gear if you want to spend the night.  Bring a hammock if you want - we have a lot of trees. 

What NOT to bring:  Pets (without verbal permission from us beforehand) - we have chickens, livestock, cats, and a (very friendly) farm dog.  As nice as your pet may be, we can't risk our chickens getting killed, or children being chased around.  No fireworks.  No drugs.

A few more things:

Bugs - it's August in MN, and there are ticks and mosquitoes.  We are a certified Organic farm and do not spray anything and will not be treating our yard with any bug spray.  Please respect this decision, and bring your personal bug spray to use on yourself and family.  We know the mosquitoes are annoying but they are nature's creatures and are food for birds and bats.  We'd rather you protect yourself with bug spray than spray our whole property and kill insects indiscriminately. 

Be Responsible - we want you to have (LOTS) of fun, but don't want anything to get out of control.  This is a family friendly event, so please enjoy our Farm Jam responsibly.  There are plenty of quiet areas to get away from the main activities.


Contact - if you have questions, want to play music, offer an activity or lead games, or volunteer, contact Josh Reinitz at (612) 756-3971 or josh@easthendersonfarm.com



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